The Museum of African American History Needs Your Vote!

The Museum of African American History is one of 25 historic sites in Greater Boston selected to compete for a grant. One million dollars is available for historic preservation and the site with the most votes is guaranteed to receive a grant.

When you vote for the Museum, you help to save a vital part of African American history: the Abiel Smith School. Vote to repair the leaks and foundation of the school, the first building in the nation built solely to house a black public school.

Vote once a day everyday!

Make sure to register to vote for the Museum of African American History today.

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for 730 lunar rotations ago we met for our second encounter...
and for the next 365 i yearned for your touch, soul and dedication.....
8,640 hours ago you turned to me because another gave up......
and for the next 180 lunar cycles , i question, why me and what should we be......
36000 hours after that u went astray......
and for the next 180 lunar cycles i continued to push u away.. angry from the pain and betrayal that grew from within.

So now there are no more cycles to track......
Just rivers to weep and memories to sew.
I now know i must close this chapter and start anew..............that is solely ME without you!

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For My Sistas

I see no one has posted here in quite some time. I hope your year is going well so far. You know it will be full of the unexpected. So just remember its not possible without us!!!

When We Were Colored cover

90-year-old blind African American Author republishes her memoir

My 90-year-old grandmother, Eva Rutland, is signing copies of her republished memoir "When We Were Colored, a Mother's Story." Originally published in 1964, it tells the story of a middle class black woman who grew up in Atlanta, GA before the Second World War, moved West after the war and raised her children in Sacramento in the 1950s and 1960s during the early days of integration. The book tells the story of the black middle class before the Civil Rights Movement, a story that is often left out of history books. This is not a book about lynchings and sit-ins. It tells the story of the smaller struggles, the story of being the first black man in a prominent position in a previously all white work place, being the only black woman in the PTA or the only black child in the classroom. Ms. Rutland is blind but continues to write and has published over 20 novels. She is currently working on a sequel to When We Were Colored tentatively entitled "Tales of a Negro Grandma." Please pick up the book and post your opinions. Grandma loves to hear from her fans and I will read your comments to her.

To be or not to be.

When did we have to start censoring what we say to our friends?..Its gets to a point that it's starting to annoy me. I want to be completely me and not have to think so hard about , am I hurting this girl?  I am so annoyed right now, I want to be completely me, I want to be able to let my guards down but I cant even do that. I have censored what I thought about so many things that I am not even being the negative, sinical person that I can be. I have my good traits, i can be very loving, but must I close my mouth to reality? But do i only shit on her glory, or do I do it to everyone? My cousin is 28 and doesn't want to get married for years from now. And I don't really like that, I feel like she is too old to be waiting, not too old, but If I was her i would have at least be engaged. And she annoys me with her views, like 24 or 25  is too early to be married. Then I have a friend that got married  last month is planning to have a child, and i think everything just hit me like a tornado, and even though I feel like that, i am still happy for her. Everyone has their own path in life, and we should be able to respect them, but as friends support them and love them. And I was more angry at my friend, because she got upset from what I said,  even after I apologized. IF we cant be who we are with our friends, then when can we be?
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Searching for signs of intelligence....

Hey everyone...Im New to the group.  Im 39 and i live in the black free zone of Arizona!  Im so looking to have some intelligent convos.  I have been here 12 years from Chicago and its so sad i cant a sign of intelligence in person here brain is hungry... Let chat!!! 

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hi I'm Kirsha

I can't really say that I'm doing big things like you guys are but I would like to. I'm currently working with HSBC as a Reinstatements Specialist. I work with customers on getting them back in their vehicles after it's been repossessed. I've been with this job for 3 years now. I'm 24 I haven't gone to school fulltime yet but I have taken some courses. I'm looking to get established but I really dont know what to do as a career yet. As a young Diva myself I'm looking for some guidance on what I should do to become a professional diva like yourselves. I eventually want a house of my own and own a business or something rather. I'm interested in some modeling although I am only 5'2 I cannot runway but me working fulltime trying to take care of my business prevents me from trying to do the things I really want to do. Let me know wassup!
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