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hi I'm Kirsha

I can't really say that I'm doing big things like you guys are but I would like to. I'm currently working with HSBC as a Reinstatements Specialist. I work with customers on getting them back in their vehicles after it's been repossessed. I've been with this job for 3 years now. I'm 24 I haven't gone to school fulltime yet but I have taken some courses. I'm looking to get established but I really dont know what to do as a career yet. As a young Diva myself I'm looking for some guidance on what I should do to become a professional diva like yourselves. I eventually want a house of my own and own a business or something rather. I'm interested in some modeling although I am only 5'2 I cannot runway but me working fulltime trying to take care of my business prevents me from trying to do the things I really want to do. Let me know wassup!

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