hannah_00 (hannah_00) wrote in sistercircle,

To be or not to be.

When did we have to start censoring what we say to our friends?..Its gets to a point that it's starting to annoy me. I want to be completely me and not have to think so hard about , am I hurting this girl?  I am so annoyed right now, I want to be completely me, I want to be able to let my guards down but I cant even do that. I have censored what I thought about so many things that I am not even being the negative, sinical person that I can be. I have my good traits, i can be very loving, but must I close my mouth to reality? But do i only shit on her glory, or do I do it to everyone? My cousin is 28 and doesn't want to get married for years from now. And I don't really like that, I feel like she is too old to be waiting, not too old, but If I was her i would have at least be engaged. And she annoys me with her views, like 24 or 25  is too early to be married. Then I have a friend that got married  last month is planning to have a child, and i think everything just hit me like a tornado, and even though I feel like that, i am still happy for her. Everyone has their own path in life, and we should be able to respect them, but as friends support them and love them. And I was more angry at my friend, because she got upset from what I said,  even after I apologized. IF we cant be who we are with our friends, then when can we be?

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