African American Designers

Hello Everyone,

I am an interior design student in Los Angeles. I am starting a design/decorating blog for African-Americans and am looking for artists to feature on the site.

If you're into any of the following and have work you'd like to showcase on the blog, please email me at

interior design
textile design
furniture design
floral design
landscape design

Also, if you know of any black-owned design businesses (anywhere, it doesn't matter) please send me some information. I've been searching the web but it's really hard to find any black-owned companies in the design field.

Thank you in advance for all of your help.


i was on this group once before a few years back and just returned maybe in december(?) it has been so quiet on here. i hope something gets going because i could really use a community like this.

i'm cecilia. i'm a 40 year old single mom from outside of boston. i'm biracial, which kinda be honest. my wonderful son is half jamaican.

i'm not working right now. long story. but i'm feeling really trapped and could use some friends...

have a good night!
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Hey everyone i'm new to the group, i'm 22 from Canada,(i'm jamaican-canadian) i'm lesbian. and i'm looking for some new friends. if you wanna know more ask.

i'm in to neo-soul, black history, and natural hair. 

thanks Nubia

Some recent events in my life have led me to wonder...

When is enough, enough?

In relationships of any kind there is accountability, accountability for ones actions and for their impact on the other party involved. When trust is broken and that accountability gets called into question what are we to do with the end result? If infidelity or betrayal has bruised egos and threatened the bond is it worthwhile to try to repair it or is it better to just leave well enough alone?

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Hey everybody,

I am a 22 year old lesbian, college student. I'm on here to try to get over my writers' black and possibly make some new friends with intelligent conversation. If that is you, let me know.

En AMOR Siempre,
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hey guys, I'm new to the community. just wanted to drop a line to say hello. hope to meet some cool new people here and learn new things. i like a lot of the things that i've been reading and hope to bring something to the community as well. well, hope to hear from you guys.